QR_payment_caritasDue to a cooperation with Caritas Graz (donations registration number at the Ministry of Finance SO 1118) the donations are tax deductible to the following account (Only valid for transactions in Austria):

Caritas – “proSudan”
IBAN: AT083471000005105564
Account No.:. 5105564
Bank Code: 34710

This account is an account of Caritas Graz-Seckau, but it is completely managed by the NPO proSudan. For this reason, the tax deductibility of donations is guaranteed. The donation receipts for tax purposes are issued by Caritas Graz.

For the deductibility of the donation the name, address, social security number and the donations registration number SO 1118 must be fully specified in the purpose.

The association’s account is not tax deductible. It is made for transfers of organizations and persons who require no tax deductibility.

Club ProSudan (ZVR 116 374 911)
IBAN: AT983463000004217667
Account No.:. 4217667
Bank Code: 34630

The charitable contributions are 100% donated to projects that meet our objectives.

Every donation helps! We thank you for your support!