Current projects


The city of Kassala is situated in the east of the Sudan, directly at the border to Eritrea. Beside the native population, the majority of the people living there consists of refugees of the former civil war-area from the South-Sudan and from refugees, who escaped during the Eritrean war of independence against Ethiopia. The parish of Kassala tries hard to help both ethnic-groups.

Eritrean Refugee Schools:

Many of the Eritreans, who had escaped during the war of independence 1962-1991 in the Sudan, could not yet come back into their country. The children and teenagers of the Eritrean population in the Sudan need education and school. Thus first in the city of Kassala and in the some kilometers north of it situated refugee-camp Wad Sherife two refugee-schools have been established, later also in Port Sudan and in Khartum. Under very difficult circumstances the children and teenagers get instruction here. Class-student-numbers over 50 are the rule rather than an exception.

Baby Feeding Centers St. Vincent de Paul Khartum:

Deacon Kamal Saaman Tadros coordinates the social work of the organization “St. Vincent de Paul Khartum” since the middle of the 80ies. The “manager of the poor”, as he is often called, has dedicated his life completely to serving the struggle against poverty in one of the poorest countries of the world. He uses his personal income for these projects, they are not dependent to the money of the Pro Sudan association.